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Typically, companies we help don’t have enough Human Resources experience and spend many hours researching labour legislation, writing policies and forms themselves, taking them away from their core business focus.

HR4U provides you with a fully certified CHRL professional to manage your company’s Human Resources strategies and all the forms, documents, manuals, etc. needed.

Your Trusted Human Resources Partners

HR4U offers a cost-effective Human Resources factoring solution for small and medium-sized companies. Just like having your own in-house HR department, client partners get one-to-one advice from certified HR experts, forms, and legislation needed to be compliant and an employer of choice.

Employee Engagement

Strengthening the mental and emotional connection your employees feel towards the work they do, their teams, and the company as a whole.

Employee Relations

Reinforce your company’s culture and make sure that all employees can be productive, supportive and get along with each other.

Health and Safety

Implementing programs aimed at ensuring all your workers and visitors are protected, risks are minimized, and a healthy and safe workplace is maintained.

Laws and Legislation

Ensuring your company is compliant with the Employment Standards Act (ESA), Provincial and Federal labour legislation and aware of any changes.

Learning and Development

Encouraging the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to better recruit, grow and retain your employees.

Organizational Development

Creating and monitoring the roles, processes, and structures to ensure your organization’s goals can be realized.

Performance Management

Performance management will enable you and your leadership team to monitor, manage and improve your company’s strategic planning, execution, and the delivery of results.

Recruitment and Talent Planning

Developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy for hiring, developing, and retaining your employee talent.

Reward and Recognition

Creating a system in which your employees are acknowledged and appreciated for their performance and internal and external work efforts.

Benefits of HR4U

Cost Savings

A full time Human Resources Manager salary can range from $100k to $180k on average. A fractional HR Manager from HR4U will cost less than 40% of that expense. Professional qualified management help at the fraction of the cost.


As your business grows and evolves, your HR management needs will change. With fractional services, you can increase or decrease your level of service to address your business needs.


You don’t know what you don’t know. Your focus should be on growing and managing your company. All HR4U consultants are  experienced and certified CHRL/CHRP professionals. Don’t waste time trying to research online changes to labour laws and risk employment litigation fees. Leave your HR in the hands of the experts at HR4U.

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